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bulletThe BCR - Beer Color Reference has been translated into: Polish, King's English (UK, Australia etc.) Spanish, Italian and soon will be available in French. Then German. (thank you - Raf, Mark, Alfredo y Pedro, and Emilie)
bulletPlaying card sized "Brewery Guides" matched to measured beer color samples from the past 10 years are available as a set or individually. I am planning of measuring specific samples for these cards again this summer. Please remember my expression that there can be  many actual colors for a given SRM.
bulletHouse Cleaning - There are extras of many of the custom made BCR and BCR1.97 References. Replacements and extras are available at half price (or less!)
bulletPresently working on translating CAMRA discriptions.

Importance of a Common Background
and a transparent color guide.

This month I have chosen an Adelson type illusion that uses the yellow-red colors of beer and the blue colors used to evaluate "beer color". You have probably surmised that I am going to tell you that these birds are of identical color - and this is true! If you have a color "picker" or "chooser" on your computer drag it over the image and "see" for yourself. Otherwise block out the background using a piece of paper with small holes in it and see that the two peahens are the same.

Still Interested in this effect? - Good 16 min. video on How We See from the Lotto Lab at TED.COM use the link below-

Beer Colorimeter at the Museum of American History!

* These are pre-1999 EBC conversion formulae but still is widespread use - Please see EBC Controversy?

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